Photo taken by Quinn Navarro. Hair is currently light pink.

Photo taken by Quinn Navarro. Hair is currently light pink.

Actress, Singer, Twitter Celeb, & Scorpio Rising

Andrea Lee Christensen was born in Taiwan to a Chinese mother and a German/Danish father. After lightly pursuing a child star career in Taipei, Andrea's parents relocated her to California (but not the fun Hollywood part. The Silicon Valley part) where she was distracted with SATs and STEM for much of her childhood. 
With her would-have-been child star years were behind her, Andrea moved to New York after high school to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to try her hand at being an adult star (wait, not like that). When asked about Andrea, her most fearsome and respected acting teacher said "she's a serious, dramatic actress."  Her favorite roles from school include Mary in Mary Stuart and Olivia in Twelfth Night, though her friends keep casting her as a party girl for some reason. 
While in school, she and a friend created Supertramp Co, a millennial feminist focused production company. Their first series "Full Movie Here" was featured on Refinery29, A.V. Club, IndieWire, Glamour, and others. Andrea is now writing "VAMPSTAMP," a new show about vampires and growing up. 

What's up with you though?

  • Booked a campaign for a major beauty brand coming in January 2019.

  • Now freelancing with Stefanie Talent & Entertainment!

  • Just filmed spots for Intel and Comedy Central.

  • Filmed promo for Samantha Bee’s “This Is Not A Game” mobile app.

  • Just finished a run of a new play “The Lake” in late September.

Social Media 

Instagram & Twitter: @claerdna